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Course Description

HRT 1: Introduction to Human Resources:

The module provides a general overview of the concepts and applications of the many parts of human resources. Topics include: the nature of human management, strategic human resource planning, and issues in human resources, planning, and equal employment opportunity, analyzing and staffing jobs, training and developing human resources.

?HRT 2 : Introduction to Human Resources 2:

Standards, values, morals and ethics have become increasingly complex which affect HR managers in where decisions will affect people’s jobs and their future employment. This module focuses on the ethical dilemmas encountered in the workplace, including legal considerations and values that relate to HR.

?HRT 3 : Wage, Salary & Benefits Admin:

The principal responsibilities of a compensation and benefits manager is establishing and maintaining an organization’s pay structure and benefits packages. This course will deliver the specialized knowledge and skills in the field which you need to develop compensation and benefits programs effectively including the discussions on key compensation legislation, objectives of a compensation and benefits system and compensation structures. Topics include: Basic systems and plans of compensating employees, incentives and executive compensation, principles and techniques in the administration of employee benefit programs.

?HRT 4 : Labor Relations:

Employee and Labor Relations is the functional area of HR professional whose primary focus is developing and maintaining effective working relationships with employees. It is the task of managers to have the knowledge and ability to adhere to organizational policy and state and federal labor law and laws affecting employee and labor relations, organizational culture and employee relations and employee involvement strategies. Topics include employee rights and discipline; union-management relations; collective bargaining and grievance management; and assessment systems.

?HRT 5 : Employment Law:

The module focuses on the study of law governing the employment relationship, including the establishment and termination of that relationship. Topics include unemployment compensation laws; workers’ compensation laws; hiring and firing practices; sexual harassment in the workplace; the Americans with Disabilities Act; and labor law basics under the National Labor Relations Act. Course examines current “black letter law” together with case decisions. Content is appropriate for persons whose career plans involve employee management.





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